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Public access to remote meetings of the parish council

The agenda for the next meeting of the parish council will be published here. If you wish to:

  • join the remote meeting on ZOOM,
  • OR wish to contribute any obsevations
  • OR ask the parish council a question

      Meeting ID

    864 1225 7333

Please contact the clerk by email ( or telephone (01733 252833) NO LATER than by Mid Day on the day of the meeting

Agenda for the next meeting using ZOOM will be published here a minimum of 5 Calendar days before the meeting date

Financial accounts for the year ended 31st March 2020 can be viewed HERE  also see under FINANCE tab in Menu

St Bendicts Church

This council aims to give a democratic voice to the residents of the parish and to seek to influence local issues for the good of all. 

Also to support and contribute to economic and social improvement within the village.

Welcome to our re-launched website, we hope you enjoy your visit.