This Council has fully supported a local initiative on Green Issues where the villages of Glinton and Peakirk are working together as a community to find ways to reduce our environmental impact, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the cost of living in a rural community.  In partnership with the City Council we commissioned an energy efficiency survey of homes in the village and the results have been added to data already held by the City Council. The City Council has conducted an aerial survey to categorize the efficiency of all homes. Check yours out by clicking on the link below:


Heat Loss Survey


The aims of the recently formed Glinton & Peakirk Green Programme are to coordinate, explore and encourage sustainable living as it could apply to Glinton, Peakirk and the surrounding villages by:

Encouraging greater energy efficiency in the community.

Encouraging resource efficiency – particularly non renewable fuels.

Providing an opportunity for green issues to be debated.     

Exploring the most suitable technologies for our community.

Acting as a central contact point for energy & green issues.

Trying to influence local and regional planning and decisionmaking.

Providing support to people in the area to save energy/resources and lower their bills.

The strategy is to concentrate on long term major projects in parallel to modest more and easily achievable initiatives. Already a number of options are being considered:

Major Projects

Intelligent street lighting that will provide light only when required

Improve community facilities such as Peakirk village hall & Glinton swimming pool by improving energy efficiency.

Monitor villages total electricity and gas usage to determine how effective energy efficiency measures are.

Community micro heat and electrical generation through the anaerobic digestion of food, green and farm waste.

Widespread use of wind turbines, solar PV, solar thermal and ground/Air Heatpumps

Modest Projects

Improve public transport usage.

Local Eco Car Share / Hire.

Safe routes to school – reduce school runs.

Community recycling for non PCC recyclable product such as plastics.

Provision of allotment

Plant swop

Glinton Green Fair


Further info is available from David Cowcill the leader of the group: and the Energy Saving Trust

Join the Green Community: Sign up at energysavingtrust